How to Choose the Right Cosmetics for Your Skin Type

Choose the Right cosmetics for Your Skin Type / Top Healthy Info

It is important to create a refreshing natural look for the right cosmetics for any skin type, as well as prevent cosmetic reactions such as rashes, itching and crying or whiteheads or blackheads and painful skin eruptions. Break. Each person’s skin is unique and different areas on a person’s face may have different characteristics that must be taken into consideration when choosing appropriate cosmetics.

If you’re feeling frustrated when your dry eye shadow slows down and slides in before a meal, or if your foundation is covered and flaky, understand your skin features and your skin type. Here are some tips to help you do your best.

Avoid cosmetics that dry or irritate your skin

Each type of skin responds differently to different types of cosmetics. Even if a particular brand works for your eyeshadow, the same brand may not work for lipstick. The type of skin on your eyelids is very different from the skin type on your lips. When you choose cosmetics, such as foundations, for example, avoid cosmetics or cosmetics that leave your skin. Unfortunately, you have to try many products to find out what works best for your skin. Another issue to consider is that your skin can create a reaction to a certain beauty that has not previously caused skin irritation, so you should try a real brand alternative. Can force, who has done a good job in the past. Along with lifestyle, the skin’s properties can vary greatly with the changes of cosmetics you choose.

When choosing cosmetics, consider your skin tone

Even if the specific cosmetic is right for your skin type, choosing the wrong color – too light or too dark will make cosmetics less attractive. Choose cosmetics that complement and tone your skin tone, and no slight flaws in skin tone and texture. For darker shades, darker shades, eyeshadow and eyeliner are perfect for those with chocolate or olive skin. On the other end of the spectrum, if you have dry skin, you should choose light shades of foundation and eye makeup. Cosmetics should grow and never eliminate skin tone.

Invest in quality makeup

Quality makeup for a pocketbook is often painful, but it shows on your skin. Cheap makeup can make a cake or slide on your skin and there is no chance of blending. Giving the appearance of plastic is likely to sit on the surface. Look for good quality cosmetics that are not needed. It is a good idea to invest in yourself by buying quality makeup that you know will look great with your skin type.

Dry skin

If you suffer from dry skin, do not be discouraged. You should find a moose or cream type foundation. If you use concealer, make sure it is cream based and your compact powder should be compacted. You should avoid loose energy or oil-free formulas because they will settle into fine lines on your face. Eye makeup is best done with silk textured powder or cream eye shadow and should be of the eyeliner shimmer pencil or matte. Moisture is the keyword with lipstick and lip gloss. Apply moisturizing lipstick and use lip gloss containing ingredients such as aloe or vitamin E, both of which provide extra lip moisture.

Sensitive skin

Look for products specifically labeled for use with sensitive skin and avoid fragrances in your beauty products. Here is another phrase to look for for an allergy-free label. The important thing is to avoid anything with high color levels or preservatives.

Mixed skin

You can choose different products for different skin conditions on your face or products made specifically for combination skin. The so-called normal skin often has more or less oily areas than other areas. Many times when the skin is longer than normal in the normal cycle.

Oily skin

For oily skin, try applying an oil-free primer before applying a matte type foundation that does not close your pores. Dry powder contains less oil than pressed powder. Blot the skin periodically throughout the day to remove any shine. Avoid cream for eye shadow or mascara and cream-style lip pencils.

Cleansing options

Avoid harsh or drying cleansers as well as greasy cleansers, as they can react too harshly to your skin type. The best skin cleanser, regardless of skin type, is a water-soluble cleanser, which is gentle on the skin.


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