Types of artificial feeds for infants

Artificial feeds for infants / Top Healthy Info

It should be breast milk as much as possible. It is obtained from a mixture of cow’s milk, water, and sugar in the following proportions.

Fresh cow’s milk, two-thirds; Boiling water, or thin barley water, one-third; Bread sugar, enough to pick up.

This is the best food to use for the first six months, after which some distant foods can be added.

In the early stages,

mothers become accustomed to giving thick veil, panada, biscuit-powder, and similar cases, thinking that light food does not nourish. This is a mistake; These preparations are very concrete; They overload the stomach and cause indigestion, flatulence, and constipation. These create the need to purify drugs and carminatives, which again weaken digestion and, through unnatural irritation, eliminate the bad that is necessary for them. Therefore many babies are placed in a constant round of recurrence, indigestion, and purification with the administration of Cardiol and drugs, if their food quantity and quality are conducive to their digestion, they can be assisted by physiologists or doctors. No need.

When preparing this food,

it is important to get pure milk that has not been previously skimmed or mixed with water; And in hot weather, it is taken only from the cow. Until then it should not be mixed with water or sugar and should not be taken by the child at that time, as it should be made fresh at every meal. It is best not to heat the milk on the fire, but to keep the water boiling after boiling, so the baby is neat or lukewarm.

As we age,

the milk ratio gradually increases; After the second month, it is necessary to allow water for one-third of the milk. But if the child’s health is good, and his or her appearance is improving, there should be no change in the type of food. There is nothing more absurd than the notion that children need a variety of foods in early life; Only one type of food is prepared by nature, and this law makes it impossible to move without noticeable injury.

There are two methods,

by spoon and by nursing-bottle. Never before in this period should the job be done, because the digestive power in infants is very weak, and their food is designed to be carried into the stomach very slowly by nature, which is acquired by the action of suction from the breast. Being, it contains large amounts of saliva and is poured into the mouth, mixed with milk and swallowed. This process of nature should be followed as much as possible, and food (for this purpose) must be filled by suction from a nursing-bottle: it is obtained slowly, and the planned suction secures a certain amount of saliva mixture, which is very important for digestion. Has an impact on it. No matter what bottle or teat is used, it should never be forgotten that hygiene is very important for the success of this child-rearing scheme.

 The food served at each meal should be controlled by the child’s age and its digestive power. A little experience will soon allow the careful and observant mother to decide this matter. Its size definitely increases as the child grows.

The main drawback in raising young children is breastfeeding; and which is very serious;

But it can be easily avoided by following a systematic plan with regard to feeding the parents for hours and then yielding only to indicate hunger and to feed gradually, in small quantities at the same time. It is the only way to prevent indigestion, and intestinal complaints and irritation of the nervous system, which is very common in infancy and is safe for the healthy nutrition of the baby and as a result of the constitution. As is well noted, “Nature never intended to turn a baby’s stomach into laxatives, carminatives, antacids, stimulants, and antidepressants, and when these are needed, we can guarantee that there is something wrong with our management. It may seem appropriate.”

 The frequency of feeding should be determined as a general rule, such intervals between each meal should allow ensuring the digestion of the previous volume, and it is fixed approximately every three or four hours. If this rule is deviated from, and the child receives fresh food every hour, he will not be given time to digest the previous volume and as a result of this process, the food will go into the intestinal tract, where it will ferment. And becomes sour, inevitably produces cholic and purifying, and does not contribute in any way to the nourishment of the child.

 Baby posture when fed:

It is very important to participate in this. Do not get its food by lying; The head should be raised above the nurse’s arm, in the most natural position, and there is no risk of going the wrong way in the so-called diet. The baby should be placed on his or her bed or on the mother’s knee for at least half an hour after each meal. It is very essential for the digestive process because exercise is important at other times to promote health.

As soon as the baby has any teeth, and during this period one or two will show their appearance, the solid telescope can be boiled in water, sifted through a sieve, and mixed with a small amount of milk. Or tops and bottles, dipped in warm water, with fresh milk and sweetened sugar. And the baby can now, for the first time, be fed with a spoon.

When one or two large grind teeth appear, the same diet can be continued, but there is no need to go through a sieve. Beef tea and chicken broth can sometimes be added; And, as an introduction to the use of the soft-boiled egg, now and then, a whole animal diet; A small loaf of pudding, made with an egg in it, can be taken as a dinner.

It is not uncommon for parents to give fodder to their children during this period. This is a great mistake. “Before feeding a baby with fodder, it is appropriate to masticate his teeth, as long as the system is needed to masticate solid food, to avoid teeth that show a complete disregard for the plain signs of nature. Their help is not needed. And with a disorder.

 The mouth of a child without teeth, and that of an adult with the teeth of carnivorous and rustic animals, cannot be properly kept that the manufacturer has designed for the same kind of food. Solid food, whether it is animal or vegetable, requires a proper mixture of saliva for digestion, while solid food is not suitable when mastic is not strong. If it is swallowed extensively, it will not be masticated at all and will have little chance of being digested; And in an unspecified state, it is harmful to the stomach and other organs involved in digestion by the formation of abnormal compounds. The method of giving solid food to a child without teeth is no less impossible, where corn is not grounded, there are no grinding equipment. What is considered evidence of stupidity or insanity in the latter case has been justified and practiced in the past. On the other hand, to eradicate this evil, the solid substance, whether it be animal or vegetative, breaks down into a small mass at first, the baby swallows it immediately, but it becomes asymptomatic with saliva. However, on a daily basis, babies are fed at their most tender age; It is not surprising that the present evils arise in this way and lay the foundations for future disease. “

Then the specified diet should be continued until the second year. However, much care is required in its management; The initial process begins during this period of childhood, which is usually more or less associated with a disorder of the system. Therefore, any deficiencies in diet or diet should now be avoided very carefully. ‘It is true that a baby who has a healthy and wholesome constitution, in which, the life forces are powerful and nourished on its parent’s breast by this time, is now starting an artificial diet first. If the bar is not operated on for very effective reasons, the disorder will be greatly reduced. However, this is not the case for babies who are fed on artificial diets from the first hour of birth. In such situations, the beginner always attends with the disruption of the frame and more or less dangerous character, but very often this also applies. Even at this age, all infectious and inflammatory fevers are high; Insects often begin to form and manifest themselves as diarrhea, thrush, rickets, catarrhal outbreaks, etc., and form the basis or development of a serious disease. Fair management of food will prevent some of these complaints and reduce violence when others occur.


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