Sleep in infancy and childhood

Sleep in infancy and childhood / Top Healthy Info


The baby sleeps more or less daily until three or four weeks after birth, waking only to satisfy hunger demands; However, at the end of this time, each wake-up interval is longer, so that it falls asleep less often, but longer.

Fertility in the early weeks of a baby’s life should not interfere with this attitude; But this period is over, and requires great care to induce regularity in its sleep hours, otherwise much of the day will be taken up and followed by restless and troublesome nights. The child should make it a habit to sleep more or less during the day, before meals, and for about two hours. If you rest later in the day, it will always cause a bad night.

First of all, the baby should sleep with his parents. The low temperature of its body, and its small energy that produces heat, make this essential. If this happens, the child has troublesome and restless nights, should immediately take to bed, and look for another woman so that she can be brought to her mother in the morning. It is essential for the protection of the mother’s health, which makes her sleepless at night, and soon the baby will also suffer from the effects of such bad health on milk.

After a month or six weeks, if the child is healthy, he can sleep alone in bed or on the couch, taking care that there is enough clothing, he is kept warm enough in the room. Ho, ie. 60 degrees and the position of the bed is exposed to cold air currents. Educators who produce heat and consequently the energy that maintains temperature are less likely to sleep at other times and therefore need to be at these points so that exposure to cold is more harmful. Such conditions may include inflammation of some internal organs, which can never be suspected without a true source of disease. Here, however, to avoid persistent error, the bed should be covered with more clothing so that the baby can throw a muslin handkerchief over his face and, finally, close to the bed. The object is to keep the baby warm enough with fresh air; It should, therefore, have free access to its mouth and keep the atmosphere of the whole room warm enough so that the children can breathe the whole freely: in winter, therefore, there should always be a fire in the nursery.

For the reasons mentioned above, a two-year-old child should at least lie on a winged bed. The pillow, however, after the sixth month, should be made with a horse-chair; By this time there is an early onset, and it is important to keep the head cool.


By the third or fourth year, the child should be allowed to sleep an hour before or after his meal. After this time it may gradually close; However, it is important to remember that childhood requires more sleep than adults for the entire period. Therefore, the child should rest between seven and eight every evening; And if it is healthy, sleep well the next morning. However, the static rule is determined in terms of hours of sleep; One needs more or less than the other. The main thing is to have time to relax; Do not allow anything to interfere, and only then let the child sleep without any trouble, until he wakes himself up the next morning, and get enough rest.

The amount of sleep required to maintain good health varies according to the body condition and the habits of the person. Children sleep longer. Children sleep for twelve or fourteen hours. The school students are usually ten. In adolescence, one-third of the population spends twenty-four hours asleep. However, in old age, most people do not get more than four, five, or six hours of sleep.

Sacrificing the health of her child by a mother is a cruel thing to do to eliminate her own waste, yet how often it happens while asleep. An evening party should be assembled, and the little boy should be kept for hours to retire from his scheduled time to relax, to be displayed, to be liked and admired. The normal part of his sleep is thus disturbed, and by the previous stimulus, everything he receives is shattered and uncontrollable, and he wakes up over those who are worn and tired.

After waking up, do not allow yourself to stay in bed too long, but should be encouraged to wake up immediately. It is a way to get into the habit of waking up in the morning, which prevents many serious evils that parents do not live enough, promotes mental and physical health and all habits are considered the most favorable for longevity. Is.

The child should not suddenly recover from sleep; It stimulates the brain, accelerates the action of the heart, and can have serious consequences if repeated frequently. The transition from sleep to wakefulness should always be gradual.

The bed in which the child sleeps now must have a mattress: feather bed is always harmful to children at this age; For the body, the bed sinks deep and is completely buried in the wings, and the unnatural heat thus relaxes and weakens the system, especially the skin, and exposes it to unusually cold impressions. Then, as soon as the bed is made after waking up in the morning, and until the body is saturated with nighttime breaths, the bed-clothes should be thrown on the backs of the chairs, the blankets moved and the window too much. The apartment is open for hours to ensure good ventilation. It is also necessary not to allow the child to sleep with people who are not in good health, or who are very advanced in life; If possible, it should lie alone.


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