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Health screening in children / Top Healthy Info

It is important for a mother to have information so that she can diagnose the disease at her first appearance so that she can provide timely assistance to her baby. Gaining this knowledge is not difficult. He only needs to remember what are the signs that indicate health, and he sees that all deviations from it reflect the presence of the disorder even if it is not the actual disease. He needs to familiarize himself somewhat with these changes.

Health signs.

Health signs are found, first, in the healthy functioning of various body functions; There is no regular demand for supply, no surplus or shortage; And uniform regularity in quantity and form in its emissions.

If you look at a healthy baby doll, you can learn something from it. Such a universal roundness is assumed in all parts of a child’s body, there is no such thing as the angle in the whole picture; Whether the limbs are bent or straight, each line forms a part of the circle. The limbs feel firm and firm and the joints are not found until they are bent.

The tongue, even in health, is always white, but it is characterized by bruising, cold skin, sharp eye light, clear complexion, head cold and stomach looking too far, breathing regularly and effortlessly.

When awake, the baby is cheerful and active and loves to follow, often enters into its merriment, is happy, laughs; At bedtime, on the other hand, it appears calm, the composition of each trait, its hostility exhibiting an expression of pleasure and often, perhaps, lit up with a smile.

As can be seen above and overall health exists; And their partial or total absence was only proportional to the disease.

However, we look at the signs of the disease for clarity as they are expressed differently from gestures, sleep, stool and breathing, and coughing.


In health, clarity is the expression of sensitivity in mind and body; If the child is sick, this expression changes and in a way, to some extent, indicates which part of the system is at fault.

The forehead shrinks when in pain, and its seat rests on the head. This is often an early sign that something is wrong, and that the disease occurs early; So if comments are made at an early stage, and proper treatment is used, its notice can prevent infant complaints of “water in the head” being too scary.

If this signal is not heard, and there is a risk of the disease mentioned above, the eyes will soon heal and stare, the head will become hot, and the pillow will be uncomfortable from the side, or lie firmly in the nurse’s hand. That being said, the child starts to sleep, bites, wakes up and screams, its face is swollen, especially the cheeks (like a ruffle), the hands are warm, but the feet are cold, and its intestines are rough. But expensive, or its asses, are dark-skinned and dishonest.

If the lips are separated, the seat of pain is in the abdomen, to show teeth or gums. However, this sign only exists in actual existence; Therefore, no doubt whether it exists, press on the stomach and see the effect on the expression of the calculation.

If the pain arises from irritation of the intestine stimulated by indigestion, it is temporary, and the signs persist as if cramps have occurred and minor preventive measures are relieved.

However, if the disease is more severe, and the inflammation flares up, the sign becomes more frequent, and soon the count becomes pale, or swells and sinks, and the child moves and bends its back by bending the knee. Go. Up to the abdomen, the tongue is loaded, and when the breath is inhaled, the chest appears to be warmer than normal effort, with the abdominal muscles all jerking.

Pulling up the nostrils, with speed, comes chest pain. However, this sign is usually accompanied by chest swelling, in which case the face becomes desolate, the eyes see more or less, and breathing becomes difficult and hasty; And if the mode of respect for the child appears, the chest will not turn, the stomach will soon be filled with every impulse.

Convulsions usually precede certain changes in the countdown. The upper lip is pulled up and sometimes blue or shiny. Then there may be a slight axis, or there may be eye rotation on its axis; Optional flushing or facial redness; And after the abrupt animation.

These signs sometimes manifest themselves for several hours, a few days before the attack; Can be seen as a premiere; And if seen in time, and with appropriate medical help, fit can be completely avoided.

Always attend to eye position. In health, they are clear and bright, but in sickness, they become dull and give a heavy look to the counties; However, after a long series of burns they have a much quicker level of feeling, and a kind of pear lightning is better known by observation than by observation by description.

The direction of the eyes should also be considered, from which we can learn something. When the baby is first brought to light, both eyes are always directed towards the same object: this is without a tendency to disease and proves that there is only an acquired habit of having an object with two eyes. But when the child reaches that age, when the eyes are guided by a single object, and then loses that energy, the condition can be seen as a disease that only affects the head.


The gestures of a healthy baby are all simple and natural; But there are deviations in the disease, which alone often reflect the nature of the disease.

Suppose a baby has acquired the power to support himself to lift his head; Let the disease come, its head will fall immediately, and this energy will be lost, only with a return to health; And are subject to fluctuations in each posture and movement interval.

The little one who is taught to walk alone from chair to chair, holding two or three teeth and teasing the gums, removes his feet completely for a while, and perhaps in his bed. , Or lie on it. Nurse arm.

The feet are pulling up to the abdomen, and with crying, there is evidence of intestinal disorder and pain. Press this part, and your stress will increase the pain. Look at the secretions coming from the intestine, and by their unhealthy character, your suspicions will be confirmed once again regarding the seat of the disorder.

In health a child’s hands are very rare in his mouth; But let nothing be wrong about the head and the pain, and the little one’s hands are constantly raised above the head and face.

Sudden onset such as drowsiness, although caused by trifling, should never be ignored. It is often associated with brain disorders. It can reject an induced fit and such suspicions are confirmed if you pull the baby’s thumb inwards and press firmly on the palm, the fingers are narrow on it, the hand does not open without difficulty. The same position is present in the toes, but not on such a large scale; There may also be a swollen curve in the back of the arms and legs and both legs and wrists are bent downwards.

There are other signs associated with spasms and gestures, which should be considered: pulling the head firmly backward, with one hand firmly to the side or near it, as in the legs. One of them is also pulled up. If there is some change in the child’s normal habits, these signs are confirmed beyond all doubt: if sleep is disturbed, if consistent enough to cry, nature is great. , Sudden fit after the animation, holding the breath after prolonged and deep inspiration, are all major features of proximal attack.


In health, baby sleep is calm, composed and refreshed. In the early stages, when there is no breast, it is mostly on its bed; As the months go by it gets less sleep, but when it comes time to rest, the baby does not rest quickly, as it falls into a quiet, restful sleep.

Not so if sick. Repeatedly she does not like to be put to bed, and the nurse is responsible for taking the baby into her arms; It then falls asleep but for a short time, and is restless and tumultuous.

If it hurts a little, it is a little indicated; And, when awake, now, if there is anything wrong with the head, the eye appears to have contractions of the forehead and grinding of the teeth; If there is anything wrong with the abdomen, the lips may come apart, show teeth or gums, and in both cases great discomfort and often begin.


In newborns, the color of the movements is darker, much larger, and has uniformity and appearance. However, the first milk is secreted into the mother’s breast, which acts as a perforator for the baby’s intestines and clears in four to twenty hours.

From this time on, and in infancy, the stool is a pale yellow, thin mustard, slightly odorous, soft, so without lumps or white swirling fluid, and without pain or considerable air. And as long as the child is healthy, there are two or three, or even four of these withdrawals per day. But they don’t happen very often as it gets older; They are darker in color and more solid, though not in adults.

Any deviation from the above letters is definitely a sign that something is wrong; And since the chaotic condition of the intestines is often the first sign of the disease that comes to us, nurses should be instructed daily to look for withdrawal. Their appearance, color, and the way they are released are the main perspectives. If the stool has a very dry appearance, or is very fluid, or green or dark in color, or has a bad odor, they are abnormal. And the manner in which they are released should be kept in mind that, in healthy children, the movement goes with less air and is eliminated as crushed, but disease. In, it is thrown with considerable force, indicating great burns. It is also important to observe the number of stools within four to twenty hours so that the child does not get relief from it (and do not forget that children, despite being perfectly healthy, are separated to the exact number).

Breathing and coughing

In health, a child’s breathing is made with the same impulse and cessation and it breathes quietly, regularly, inaudibly, and without effort. But the airways or s lungs swell, and the impulse becomes very quick and quick in a few hours, and perhaps audible, that attention dictates a condition to be considered only once.

Now it is important to pay attention in advance, despite all the changes and slight differences caused by their healthy standard of respiration. For most of the complaints in the chest, though very formidable in his character, if the medical man sees in advance, his progress may lead to arrest; But otherwise, art is beyond control. Therefore, parents should be well aware of their child’s respiratory health so that he can easily detect any changes that may arise.

When a child has symptoms of a cold such as a cold and whooping cough, always look with suspicion, and never neglect to seek medical advice. Horseness is not usually associated with colds in children, and these symptoms indicate an attack of “croup”; A disease is very fast in its progression, and the importance of the affected parts, as they do, is essentially a task for life, requiring the most rapid and determining treatment.

Doctor. Cheney’s following remarks make my current intent very clear, I can not refuse to include them: “In the attitude of Croop’s attack, it is almost always evening, maybe one day.” When the child is exposed to the weather, and after appearing cold symptoms for several days, it can be observed that he is ready to laugh excitedly, in variable spirits, more than usual, rather than crying. Slight flushing, sometimes with a cough, coughing, which indicates a terrible condition of measles. However, in general, the patient sleeps in bed and for some time before the onset of the disease. , He was clear., Then, perhaps, without waking up, he gives a very unusual cough, which anyone who has witnessed a storm attack knows; It rings as the child grows. The cough came through the trumpet, which was actually Tusu Klangosa; Penetrating into the apartment walls and floors, the experienced mother exclaimed, ‘Oh! I’m afraid our baby is taking the crowd! ‘She runs into the nursery, finds her baby sleeping well and hopes she makes a mistake. But it remains to leave him, before the long ringing cough, the cough, repeated again and again; The patient cries, and then a new symptom is commented; His tone changes; Fluttering, and as if the throat were swollen, it was like coughing, “etc.

One of the most dreaded complaints that childhood is about is how important it is for a mother to be aware of the symptoms mentioned above; Because, if she is only sent for medical help in the first stage, the treatment will be almost completely successful; However, if this “golden opportunity” is lost, the disease is rarely affected by action, but is wisely chosen or persevered.


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